interior    Zen decor can be a great help in turning your bathroom into a personal retreat. This decor style uses wood and earth tones to create a warm feeling in the room. These colors also allow the room to feel more open and spacious. Mirrors and natural light can increase the the illusion of extra space. Zen design brings forth that less is more. This means that you don’t need to fill up the room completely, while providing all you need and more. Storage space in a room of Zen decor keeps the items hidden away, in drawers and closed cabinets, to make the room seem less busy. Artwork or or small plants can add beauty to the room. If they match the earth tones of the room, the style of calm and peace can flow seamlessly throughout. candles that provide soothing smells are welcome in the design work of a Zen-style bathroom. Sconces provide mood lighting for relaxation, especially when paired with a few candles. Smaller or undermount sinks can save counter space.

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