Bamboo is quickly becoming a more popular material for kitchen design. It is used for a number of surfaces in the kitchen. Bamboo is gaining popularity because it is inexpensive and sustainable. Bamboo can be used as flooring, countertops, cabinets and more.

Bamboo Styles

Bamboo flooring and countertops costs about the same as most domestic hardwood options. Bamboo grains usually manufactured in three different ways. Vertical bamboo has a uniform, striped look. Horizontal bamboo shows the grains and “knuckles” that are unique to the material. Strand woven bamboo makes an interlocking design. This style is the most durable and the most expensive type, but it is still not as expensive as many exotic woods.
Bamboo comes in a number of stains and finishes, so there is a good amount of colors and shades that will fit your kitchen’s style. Lighter finishes are often used in modern kitchen designs, while darker bamboo finishes soften contemporary style without losing style.


Bamboo has very low maintenance and upkeep issues. Unlike some hardwoods that need regular oiling, bamboo can stay looking good as new with some warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth. With rough treatment, the wood can become scratched up; so avoid using chairs without a soft buffer on the legs. Bamboo can be harder than oak or maple with the right treatments. This is why bamboo can be utilized to make sturdy cabinets or countertops.

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