Most kitchen spice racks have too many shakers to count, most of which we don’t use as often as others. While it doesn’t hurt to have a bevy of random spices to add a bit of flair to your dish, a disorganized spice rack can be annoying to navigate while the stove is on. Below are a few ways to spice up your spice rack.

Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs can punch up a dish a lot more than that of the dried and flaky variety. If you aren’t afraid of trying out your green thumb, consider growing a few herbs in your kitchen window. Parsley, basil, sage, and rosemary are relatively easy to care for, and can be a great addition to your kitchen decor. Add a bit of fresh green color to your kitchen space with a windowsill herb garden.

Switch to a Spice Drawer

Storing spices in a drawer can give you more overhead space for dishes, and can make it easier to access more of your spice collection. You can rest all the spice containers on their sides to read the labels easier, or use a label maker with a deep drawer to find just what you need.

Magnetic Spice Racks

Store your spices on the cabinet doors, with magnetic spice racks. There are 2 different styles of magnetic spice racks. The first uses magnetic shelves that connect to the inside of the door, upon which the jars and shakers are placed. The other option is attaching a magnetic sheet to the inside of the door, and keeping your spices in metal canisters.

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