While more traditional bathroom design tries to stay away from wood; modern design can make excellent use of it. Innovations in wood treatment give homeowners a lot of options in designing with water-resistant wood for bathrooms. Now more than ever, using wood elements in your bathroom design can be simple and create a spa-like feeling in the room. There are a number of uses for wood in the design that will bring a more natural quality to the room.
    For the walls of your bathroom, wood panelling can be utilized in many different design styles. Darker wood creates a warmer and classier feel; while lighter wood can evoke that of a spa. Natural looking wood, with knots and creases, will make the bathroom look rustic. Wood panels put in horizontally make the room feel bigger, and more natural. Vertical panels create a more uplifting feeling, and make the ceiling seem higher. Diagonal or zigzag lines can create an energetic feel, but can be overbearing at times if overused.
Wooden floors don’t get as cold as tiles, and can make a great floor for a bathroom, especially with radiant floor heating. Wood also makes a great material for your vanity, adding textural elements and a sturdy design.
For the shower and bath area, using wood can provide excellent spa-like elements and a natural, earthy feel. Duckboards in the shower are a non-slip surface that allow for water to drain through. They are generally more hygienic than shower mats. Duckboards hide away the drain, making a more seamless and aesthetically pleasing shower floor. For bathtubs, drop-in models set in wood can be beautiful. A natural wood element for the tub skirt brings the spa to your home.
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