When renovating your bathroom, many homeowners opt to change out their simple standing tub for a jetted model. Whirlpool tubs can be a great and relaxing upgrade to a bathroom, and can be a great way to soak away the troubles of the day. There are three types of jetted models; water jets, air jets, and combination jets.

Water Jets

    Water jet models use a water pump to propel water out of the jets. These models have the least number of jets but the highest amount of pressure in each one. The water jet system makes this system more costly than air jet models. With a water jet system, you should not use soaps, aromatherapy oils, or bath salts. These can cause build-ups in the system that can be difficult to remove. Water jet tubs require more cleaning than an air jet model. Water jet models have a lot less jets than the other models, usually sporting about 12 or less big jets.

Air Jets

    Air jetted models utilize an air compressor to create the pressure. While there isn’t as much power in these jets as with the water-propelling models, there tends to be more jets per tub. Air jetted tubs are the least expensive of the three. There isn’t a contamination problem with soaps and oils in this type of tub, like there is with a water jet model; so you can use all sorts of products to enhance your relaxation time. This type of tub should be cleaned as often as a regular stand-still model. The number of jets on these models can vary, but there are plenty of models that sport over 100.

Combination Models

    This type of tub uses both air and water jets. Because it requires both types of systems, this style has the highest price point. The water pressure created in this tub is great because you get the low number of strong, powerful water jets combined with a large quantity of lower powered air jets. You will need to avoid using soaps and oils in this type of tub. They need to be cleaned just as often as water jet models.


    There are a variety of upgrades you can make to your jetted tub to make it even better. If you like to relax in the tub for a long time, consider adding an inline heater. Inline tub heaters can keep the water warm long after you fill the tub. Self cleaning models are a great upgrade, especially for the water jetted tubs. Timers are a common addition to Whirlpool tubs; they help prevent you from wasting too much energy, and can be beneficial if you don’t want to be in for too long. Foot stops can be built into the tub or added on. Foot stops are special raised parts to the tub that provide comfort by cushioning and supporting the thighs or feet.