When remodeling your bathroom, it is important to know if your plumbing can handle all of your upgrades; or if it needs to be upgraded itself.  Installing a larger tub or shower can add strain to your water pressure and hot water systems. Low-flush toilets can often reduce water use, but better pressure is needed. Moving the location of bathroom fixtures or upgrading to larger or more luxurious models can be great – if your plumbing can handle it.
    How much hot water is needed? If you have a tankless water heater, this won’t be as much of a problem, but homes with older, tanked water heaters can only utilize a limited amount of hot water at a time. If you are preparing to get a larger tub or a multi-head shower installed, you don’t want to leave the rest of your home without hot water. 
    Do you need to update your pipes? A bathroom remodel is a good time to update your pipes. Old or damaged pipes can burst or leak; the worst time for that to happen is after you finish your remodel. Your supply pipes to the bathroom should be at least ¾” in order to supply the many fixtures of your bathroom. Updating your pipes can be critical if you are planning to add extra shower heads or sprays.
    Should you install eco-friendly fixtures? Low-flush toilets can help lower your water bill in the future. Running hot water pipes under the floor can utilize the heat of the pipes to warm it without the the need to use the thermostat. The floor will be nice and warm after your shower. 
    How much water pressure do you need? Larger showers and additional shower sprays can enhance the spa-like feel of your bathroom, but they need proper water pressure. In general, city water pressure is about 60 lbs, so unless your bathroom is on a high floor, this may not be an issue. If your water is pulled from a well – your water pressure may not be enough. 
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