Your home should be set up to make your life easier, why should your kitchen be any different? A universal kitchen design is perfect for making your life easier and safer for anyone. While universal design was originally established to benefit the elderly or the disabled; many of the innovative and unique features of universal design are becoming well established in homes across the country. Universal design is all about ease of access.

It can be difficult to reach the top shelf of the cabinets, but what if you could lower them? Motorized cabinets use remote control to be lowered to countertop height for easy access to everything inside. No more stretching or climbing up on the step-stool required. Stovetops on the island with empty space below allow for a wheelchair to slide under for cooking with ease, or extra space for a rollout island. Recessed sinks with covered pipes offer a smooth design that adds legroom while cleaning vegetables or washing dishes.

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