Kitchen with backsplash   The backsplash of any kitchen is a vital part of both the design work and the functionality of the room. Backsplashes provide extra color to the room, divide it visually, and protect the wall from food stains and heat or moisture damage. Backsplashes can be colorful and creative or sheen and polished. 
    Glass tiles are the most commonly used backsplash medium. Glass tile comes in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns, giving the most options. Subway tiles are used very often and are a good example of glass tile backdrops. Glass tiles reflect more light than ceramic tiles and can brighten up a room more. Travertine, slate, and granite backsplashes are also common in kitchens. If you want a painted wall for your backsplash, use a textured finish on a high gloss paint to prevent stains. Wood and metal is more commonly used as accents, rather than the whole backsplash, but they can still look great as the main material of the backsplash. When using tiles, try to match the grout and the tile as closely as possible. You want your eyes to focus on the tiles, not what’s in between. 
    Square tiles create a uniform look to a space. Rectangular tiles elongate the space and accentuate the length of the room. Long horizontal rectangular tiles can be effective in making a room seem longer. Long, thin, vertical tiles add a waterfall effect to the room, drawing your eyes to the backsplash and the countertop. Creating a pattern with different tiles in a uniform design can create a pleasing visual effect. Wood and metal make great pieces for this type of accent. On a uniform backsplash, adding a few tiles that are unique in different places can create an accent to the space that draws your eyes to certain areas. Tile decals can help make a beautiful pattern without the need for different tiles. 
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