bathroomTired of having an old and boring bathroom? Want to walk into a gorgeous luxurious one to call your own? No problem! Dream Kitchen and Baths has created some fantastic trends on how to modify your bathroom into royalty.

1.      Your Personal Spa:  Clients today are choosing upscale appliances and furniture for their bath. Everything from barber chairs, saunas, massage tables, lighting and music. Also, another trend for your spa is the addition of towel racks in colder climates and to add lighting zoned on spate dimmers for convenience and to save money. Adding custom trunk sinks and wall- mounted faucets also create the spa atmosphere. 

2.      A Hint of Nature:  Transforming your bath into nature will create a strong design statement. Using natural materials benefit you because they are durable and can be used for any wet-room use. Teak which is a type of wood can be used outdoors and indoors and makes a great addition to any bathroom. Make sure to have wood-grain porcelain tile floors and to add black granite for the cabinets and surfaces.

3.      Separating Areas:  This trend is for anyone where privacy is not an issue in their house. Usually clients will remove their shower doors and just leave the tub separated from the wall. This creates more space and gives off that quiet atmosphere.

4.      Plenty of Lights:  The more lighting, the better your bathroom will be. Since many apply their makeup and shave, you need plenty of light to see what you’re doing. Not using enough light will create shadows, making your bath darker. Adding pendants or scones can be used to fill wherever overhead lights create shadows. Another great alternative is to install LED lights to eliminate shadows and glare altogether.

5.      Vanity Furniture: Putting older vanities into your bathroom generates a hint of luxury and royalty. Make sure to add granite tiles to your floor and a designed window with a crystal chandelier. When painting, stay away from dark colors and use light colors such as light brown or beige.

For more information about installing these trends contact Dream Kitchen and Baths at 718-273-6233