A new year comes with new styles and trends. The new kitchen trends of 2015 bring color and flair to the modern kitchen, with design ideas you will love.

    Wallpaper in the kitchen is making a surprising comeback this year. Wall paper is becoming more common in kitchens to incorporate vibrant colors and to significantly change the design of the space. Repetitive wall patterns are becoming more trendy recently; trading in the flat, basic shape design for eye-catching and elegant styles. Vibrant and attention-grabbing color schemes are revitalizing the plain black and white kitchens of 2014. Ceilings are receiving more attention this year as well, with design-work intended to make your eyes move up. High windows, corner accents, bulkheads, chandeliers, and wallpaper on the ceiling are being used to attract attention upward in the new, contemporary kitchens. Whether on the walls, appliances, ceilings, or cabinets, colors are flooding back into the modern kitchen.

Open Shelving is becoming commonplace in a modern kitchen, adding a feeling of openness to the space while eliminating the heavier feeling of cabinets looming overhead. This helps make a kitchen feel more spacious and open, which is great when dealing with the heat of the stove. Less cabinets leave more space for windows, pictures, or colorful walls.

Beautiful texture and metals are returning to the kitchen. While chrome and stainless steel never left, warmer metal designs are coming back. Expect to see more copper, bronze, and gold this year. These metals accent a space well, and add indulgence to the everyday kitchen.

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