Kitchen in luxury home with wood and granite island

There are many design trends that you should consider when you begin remodeling your kitchen. The first trend is that kitchens are becoming more family-oriented. The kitchen is no longer a room to simply cook. Integrated dining rooms, kitchen tables, islands, and televisions are more often added to have plenty of space to eat and sit as a family. White cabinets are becoming more popular. White cabinets come in almost every shape, size, and styles. They also allow you to add any color to the rest of the room, keeping the cabinets as a backdrop, so the color stands out more. Stainless steel appliances have been trendy for years, and still going strong. The sleek, silver appliances last a long time and are extremely durable. Walk-in pantries are making a comeback. The high volume storage available in a pantry is very helpful, and leaves cabinet space for glassware, cookware, and utensils.A common trend that keeps a lower budget is known as the save-and-splurge method; when you spend less on one item, to spend more on another. You might choose a less expensive sink, in order to get better features for your island, for instance. Eco-friendly or recycled materials are very trendy. Recycled glass and bamboo are both becoming popular. energy and water-efficient appliances, faucets, and fixtures are also becoming more sought after. A new trend is hideaway appliances. These are appliances built into the cabinets. The cabinet doors can cover the appliances and keep them out of focus when not in use. This keeps the focal point on the design of the room, rather than on the bulky fixtures. Layered lighting is also a key instrument in the design of a kitchen. This is the use of multiple areas of light fixtures. An example would be if you have lighting on the ceiling, as well as under the cabinets. Layered lights add depth and ambient light to the room, and can also be used to illuminate only where the light is needed.

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