Kitchen trendsTired of having the same old boring kitchen? Has it been years since your last remodeling? Don’t worry, because Dream Kitchen and Baths has researched the top 5 kitchen design trends for a new and improved kitchen of your dreams.

Black and White

The appeal of the black and white kitchen will never go out of style, even though the look may change as styles evolve.  Absolute black granite countertops and white lacquer cabinets create a beautiful arrangement for any kitchen and it also benefits from the tension between modern and country. The addition of smooth hardwood floors are similarly a great way to make your kitchen shine.

Small Kitchen, Bright Lights

Using bold colors in your kitchen isn’t the only way to brighten up a room. The key is to add oversized light fixtures (usually dark) in the middle of the room, usually over a white or granite countertop. This creates a sense of depth perception and works great with the typical low ceilings.

Destination Kitchens

Today, kitchens are so pretty that they could be mistaken for another room in the house. Fusing appliances in a room creates a seamless look with combined light fixtures that have a variety of styles. This generates a look that has been obtained over time rather than acquired all at once.

Architectural Lines

Occasionally a dash of modern architecture is what you need to update your kitchen. Adding a new faucet line with a 360- swivel spout, lever handles, and high clearance for pots, crafts a modern masterpiece. Finishes from Polished Nickel, Vibrant Stainless and Matte Black granite are also a fabulous addition to create a gorgeous kitchen.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Adding stainless steel to your kitchen countertop creates a modern look for any home. Stainless steel can be designed with any color and is one of the easiest and cleanest countertops to clean. Instead of scrubbing and washing your countertops constantly, stainless steel requires a quick wiping from cloth and mild soap. The overall greatest benefit is its ability to prevent bacteria buildup, making it the most hygienic.

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