Rumor has it the housing market is finally improving, so if you were looking to sell your home, rent it for the summer, or just simply increase your homes value, some trendy summer remodeling may help do the trick.  In the past few months the housing market recovery picked up steam with prices rising at an annual rate of 7.3%.  Even the total number of houses sold has increased 20% or more since January! 
      A hot new element many people are adding to their kitchen is atriums or large windows.  These features give the effect of outdoor indoor living while being able to be inside with the cool air conditioner.  Atriums and wall windows give the effect of being outside and being one with nature.  Another way to incorporate outdoor kitchen living space layouts to your home is by adding large slate tiles.  Many patios have these natural slate tiles so by incorporating them into your home gives you a true cozy outdoor patio effect while still being in your home!
      Another great trendy summer kitchen idea is replacing your everyday kitchen table with a classic outdoor picnic table!  They’re inexpensive and simple and easy to stain.  They are also very festive and a great focus point to add to any type of kitchen. 
     Last but not least the favorite of all kitchen summer renovations, the semi enclosed kitchen patio extension.  Sick of trudging back and forth getting your kitchen dirty with mud while all your trying to do is have a nice barbeque party?  We'll fret no more!  By simply adding a semi enclosed patio gives you endless options of style and design.  Having a roof enables you to install ceiling fans, a mini kitchen with stove, over and grill, your choice of indoor or outdoor tables and seating, and the wonderful option of installing a screen to keep those nasty pests away!  There are so many wonderful renovation, extension, remodeling and design ideas here at Dream Kitchen and Baths and were waiting for you to come on in to get started!