The sink, stove, and refrigerator are the most vital components to a kitchen. When designing a kitchen, the three form what is known as the “Kitchen Triangle.” The Kitchen Triangle shows the area where most of your work in the kitchen will happen; since you will most likely move between the three as you prep, cook, and clean up. The concept was developed in the 1940’s, to provide a balance in the kitchen space. Too small of a triangle, and you end up feeling cramped. Too big, and they will feel too far apart and tedious to work.
    The Kitchen Triangle should follow these measurements to give you enough space while not making it feel so wide. Each corner of the triangle (the sink, fridge, and stove) should be ideally 4 to 9 feet apart. This provides space for preparation on countertops, or crossing the kitchen. The sum of all three sides, the perimeter, of the triangle should be between 13 and 26 feet. If you have an island, make sure that it does not block the triangle completely. It is fine if part of it is in the triangle. The sink should have at least 18 inches on each side free for preparation and cleaning. On each side of the stove, you should leave about a foot of space, for the food you are cooking and ingredients. 
    Even though the size of kitchens on average has expanded since the 1940’s the size of the Kitchen Triangle should follow these parameters for the benefit of the cook(s). One wall kitchens clearly can not follow the Kitchen Triangle design, but be sure to leave the space in between each of the three focal points if possible, so you can have space to work in the kitchen. 
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