Technology is one thing that always continues to grow and progress over time, and that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Whether you’re in the market to update your home’s digital atmosphere, or just browsing for ideas, these new design trends will keep you up to date.

       The programmable shower- with these certain digital controls, programmable showers allow each individual to personalize their own settings, such as pressure and temperature. This luxurious feature is great for large families, and can also track your water usage.

      High-tech faucets- Not only will these faucets track your water usage as well, but the faucet is programmed for certain settings with the appropriate buttons for different functions; such as brushing your teeth, or washing your hands.

     Chromotherapy baths and showers- Chromotherapy uses LED lights in your bathtubs and showers to emit various different colors while you bathe.

     Shower remote controls- Similar to a car keys ‘push to start’ button, these remotes will start your shower or bath without having to even leave your bed.

     Automatic toilet seat- This touchless toilet seat automatically lifts when you approach, and if you wave another time over the sensor to lift the toilet seat for male use, both the lid and seat will close automatically.

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