If You’re thinking of entertaining in your backyard this Summer, a standard barbeque doesn’t always cut it. You’ll need a cooler or refrigerator for drinks, an icebox or freezer for the ice cream and meat, and still room for salads, food prep, and more. Running in and out of your home for these things can be a hassle while entertaining guests, but a customized outdoor kitchen on your patio or on your deck can be an easy solution to these issues, making summer entertaining easier and more enjoyable.
    An outdoor kitchen will usually have a grill and/or stove, but adding more cooking elements, such as a slow cooker or oven can give you more options for meal preparation. Counter space is important in any kitchen, as is a sink. For outdoor kitchens, a small bar sink can be enough for the area. Bars for drinks can be great for your entertainment space. Islands can give you more counter space and storage, and a movable island can be perfect if you need to move it out of the way. A simple gazebo, pavilion or awning can easily act as an accent to the space while providing cover from the elements, but outdoor kitchens are made to stand against the weather. Poolside bars can add a fun element to the space while providing functionality.
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