Throughout one’s life, the typical person spends on average 1.5 years in the bathroom.  It is the room in your house where you get ready to begin your day and should leave you feeling refreshed.  A shower is usually the first area that needs re-vamping in your home, due to the constant use and water damage.  This “before” picture is a prime example of a space that might not leave you feeling clean every day.  It was outdated and neglected, but by transforming this full bath with a modern and neutral style, we gave these owners an inviting and comfortable space they can enjoy for the rest of their lifetime. The beautiful tan tiles lining the wall and porcelain bath give you a relaxing and refreshing feel that is easy to maintain.  Your bathroom is a place you spend a lot of time in and cannot live without. At Dream Kitchen and Baths we work quickly to give you spaces you will enjoy living in. 

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