Now that Spring is in full swing, it’s important that your kitchen is in-season as well. Considering it isn’t necessarily practical to remodel tour entire kitchen for a new season, we have provided the best ways to make your kitchen feel trendier. 

Mixing metals

Decorating with an assortment of copper, brass and stainless metals can give your kitchen more of a rustic feel. There are many small ways to incorporate these metals into your kitchen without a full remodel. You can easily achieve this look by replacing decorative plates, cabinet knobs, curtain rods, hooks, and light fixtures. 

Bold colors

Yellow, bright green, pink, and lavender are on-trend for this season. The best way to incorporate these colors into your kitchen would be to pick a color scheme, and match the rest of your decor to fit it. 


This stone has been popular for a while, and still trending. Carrara Marble is  also huge right now, and more affordable. If you’re not ready for a new countertop or backsplash, you can still include the stone into your kitchen with a side table, plant stand, or even trinkets to decorate with.

Floral artwork

A popular trend this spring is framed botanicals. Designers are framing dried plants and flowers, and putting them in shadow boxes. This is a great way to incorporate spring into your kitchen, or anywhere else in your home.

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