One of the cornerstones of any kitchen is having a spice rack full of a large assortment of spices. There are so many of them to keep on hand, sometimes your spice cabinet can get seriously disorganized. When planning your kitchen remodel, consider adding these improvements to your spice rack.
    A lazy susan is a classic way to make the most of your kitchen cabinets. Best placed in corners, or cabinets housing a lot of items, a lazy susan lets you reach everything more easily. Just turn the tray and you’ll have access to your whole arsenal of spices.
    If you don’t want to use up your overhead cabinets for your spice rack, you should consider a pull-out spice rack. Having a spice rack on a pull-out drawer under the countertop is a great way to make the most of your space. A thin section of space is needed for an easy to reach spice rack organizer. It is also great for teaching kids how to cook with spices. 
    Another great place for your spice rack is right on the door of a cabinet. This style takes up less space and keeps your bevy of spices organized, but at the cost of having shallower shelves in that section of the cabinet. 
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