When remodeling a bathroom, one of the most important questions homeowners face with a shower/tub combination is whether to use a shower curtain or a shower door. There are pros and cons to each; and it ultimately will usually come down to preference or budget.
     Shower curtains are certainly the less expensive option of the two. Curtains can be replaced if a new look is desired. Curtains are more susceptible to damage from both ripping and the buildup of mold/mildew. There is a practically infinite number of design styles, material types, and colors to choose from. Depending on how much you want to spend, some websites even offer custom shower curtain designs. Shower curtains, however, close off the shower space and make the room feel smaller. 
    Shower doors are generally the more expensive option. While there are less customization options, there are still choices to make. Customization can include opacity, color, materials, thickness, etc. You can also choose to have the doors slide over or swing out. There is less chance of water escaping or spilling out of the shower area. The bathroom will feel more open with shower doors, at the expense of some privacy loss. Shower doors are also more susceptible to soap scum and hard water stains. 
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