While a shower gives you a great, quick cleaning; having a tub to unwind in can let you soak away your troubles. Why not have both? Having the choice of a bath or shower can be a great addition to any bathroom. Separating the tub and shower can add luxury to the bath, and add a more modern flair to the shower. 85% of Americans looking to buy a new home consider having a separate shower and bath to be vital in their next home, according to a study by the National Association of Home Builders.

    Make sure you will be able to fit both in your bathroom separating the tub and shower can take space away from other parts of the bathroom, especially if it is small. consider the area around the bathroom itself. If there is a closet connected to the bathroom, deliberate whether or not you can take some storage space from another room in order to make your dream bathroom a reality. If you wish to get a bigger tub than a shower, make sure your water heater can warm up enough water for it. You may need to upgrade your heater to a more powerful model if the current one can’t handle the task. If the shower will be bigger, you may not have to worry about the heater as much, as long as you won’t be using both simultaneously. The plumbing for the bathroom will also need to be redone in order to separate the two systems, or add a non-existing one.

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