dreamstime_8114704Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Between apartments, townhouses, and small houses, tiny kitchens are commonplace in New York City. Here are some renovation tips to make the most of your small cooking space.

Small kitchens should have small appliances. Choosing a stove or refrigerator that is smaller than usual will make the space less cramped. You may want to consider getting refrigerated drawers or putting your microwave inside the cabinets, giving you more room for cooking and prep work. This also saves more space for countertops. Horizontal lines on the backsplash or walls can make the room seem larger. Stainless steel and other reflective materials can enhance the illusion of a bigger space. Overhead cabinets and pan hooks can increase the amount of storage area in the kitchen. Glass cabinet doors add depth to the room and can make it feel roomy. Floor to ceiling cabinets can increase storage area as well, but they take away from the counter space. When well-lit, a small space can appear wider. Adding lights under cabinets can increase lighting, while taking up virtually no extra space. Don’t forget about the ceiling or the floor when it comes to renovating. Having a dark floor with a white ceiling can keep your eyes upward, adding vertical depth to the room.

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