bigstock-Interior-new-house-view-moder-47102254Small bathrooms are commonplace among the 5 boroughs  of NY. Over the past 30 years, bathrooms in newer homes have nearly doubled in size. However, color, style, and scaling down can alter the look and feel of how much space you actually have. 

Dark colors and earth tones can make a room appear more spacious. The walls, floor, and even ceiling of the bathroom could be tiled, painted, etc in these colors to give the illusion of the walls receding, giving a more spacious atmosphere. Unfortunately, houses of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s had more vibrant and pastel colorations, leaving the space feeling small. Horizontal lines in the wall design adds to the mirage of an expanded room. Wall patterns can make the room look spread out.

Adding both task and ambient lighting can alter the look of the room by adding depth and the feeling that the room is larger. Frameless mirrors add to the illusion of having more space. If the bathroom has a shower that is not also a bath, having a curbless entry at the base can make it seem as if there is more room to move around in both the shower, and the rest of the room. Shelves are a great, especially when cut into the wall. This keeps everything organized, and out of the way. Curved vanity spaces can maximize the amount of storage available, and yet space is saved in the corners. It is much easier to move around in a cramped room if the corners of the counter spaces are curved. Glass shower doors removes the visual barrier created by curtains. Wall-hung toilets keep the functionality of it while reducing the space of the back tank. Dark wooden counters add warmth from the earth tones. 

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