Quartz countertops are very popular among homeowners. It is among the higher end styles of countertop material. There are pros and cons to designing a kitchen with this material.
    Quartz countertops take the beauty of the natural mineral and use modern treatments to temper and protect it. This process creates a very durable and strong counter. However, some owners feel that this diminishes the natural look of the mineral. Quartz countertops are a contemporary hybrid of natural elements and modern creation.
    Quartz is as durable like concrete or granite, but has more give. This means that it is less prone to chipping or cracking, as it will absorb more of the impact. Quartz isn’t a porous surface like marble or concrete; which means that it is harder to stain. The stain won’t seep into the countertop permanently like it can with some other counters. Quartz countertops are, however, less resistant to heat than some other materials. Use caution when dealing with hot pans and put a barrier between them and the counter. 
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