In any kitchen, you can never have too much storage space. Kitchens store everything from cookware and food, to garbage pails and silverware. Every kitchen a large amount of storage space, and every little bit helps. There are plenty of more options than simple drawers to add more space for all your kitchen supplies and food. Choosing the right storage options for your kitchen can make life a lot easier.

    Pantries are among the best ways to store extra food that does not have to be refrigerated. Walk-in pantries can store more than just your cans and cookies. Pantries with enough space can act like a walk-in closet for a kitchen, so you can keep anything from canned beans to the garbage cans out of sight. Blenders, food processors, and other small kitchen appliances not regularly used can have a small place on a shelf, and off of your kitchen counters.

    Corners of the countertops often house empty space below. Diagonal drawers can let you use the most out of the corners. Lazy Susans also give you the option to store in the corner, and the spinning tray makes it easy to store more in the corners.

The cabinet under the sink is often the spot for all of the cleaning supplies, but the pipes can make it harder to reach the cleaner in the back. Adding a pull-out drawer under the sink can make items easier to get to, and with less effort.

Rolling Cabinets are a great way to utilize storage space, while adding counter space. A Rolling cabinet is a cart built into the counter of a kitchen. The cart can slide out from under the countertop and be used for extra counter space or as a serving cart for big family meals. Rolling cabinets often have the drawers you would have in a normal counter, but is portable for around the kitchen.

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