Woman heating dish in microwaveMicrowaves have become a staple in an American kitchen. They can save time and effort in cooking or reheating, while using less energy than an oven. When looking for a new microwave, you will need to decide on color, style, size, power, and a few of the features.

 Decide whether you want a built-in microwave or a countertop model. Built-ins can take up cabinet space, while keeping counter space clear. Countertop models are the exact opposite. They can take up counter space, while keeping cabinet space clear. Countertop microwaves are portable, and can be stored out of the way. Built-in units can have features such as cooking fans or lights on the bottom of them for additional functionality. Sizes of microwaves usually range from compact to full-size models. The average microwave size is about 1.5 cubic feet. Choosing which size to go towards can depend on the amount of space you have, food you heat up, and your budget. The power of a microwave ranges from 600-1200 watts, but 1000 watts is the most used type. Turntables are very common in microwaves. Turntables are glass trays that spin the food slowly in the microwave, to allow for a more even cooking process. They also catch any food that spills over or boils out while heating. The trays are removable, so that they can be cleaned easily. Additional functions include convection cooking, speed cooking, sliding trays, child locks, defrosters, and moisture sensors. Microwaves usually have buttons and/or for control, but this is really for your preference.

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