Your old kitchen has gone to the dogs. It's time to rip up the old one and renovate it into a fantastic new space. But this time, be sure to make some space for your furry friends. Many homeowners are taking the time to create special pet areas in their kitchens. This popular new trend trades away some cabinet space in order to accommodate pets.
    The most common addition to a kitchen for a pet friendly design is a drawer for your pets bowls. A low drawer at the bottom of the cabinets can be a place to conveniently house your pet’s food and water dishes. When it's time to eat, simply pull the drawer out and fill it up. 
    A kitchen island or exposed cabinet back is the perfect place to create a nook for your pup. A small alcove in the kitchen can be a great place for a bed for your cat or dog. For bigger dogs, you should consider having a built-in crate to your kitchen island or cabinets. You will be giving up more cabinet space, but you free up the area where your crate currently is. 
    Many homeowners don’t like their dogs under their heels while they cook. Others like to keep their dogs penned into a room or two when they leave the house. For either house, built-in gates take up very little cabinet space, and can extend to close off the kitchen.
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