Counter TopSmall appliances can look out of place on the counter of a neat and organized kitchen. Everything for your morning cup of coffee could be neatly put together, right by the machine. Pots, pans and cooking utensils can take up a lot of storage space, or they can add to the design of the room. With appliance garages, coffee bars, and pot or utensil racks, You can keep an organized kitchen, while keeping everything in easy reach.
Appliance garages are little sliding doors that allow you to neatly store small kitchen gadgets that you do not need everyday, and keep them out of sight. Blenders, mixers, and food processors are small appliances commonly stored in these nifty little cabinets. A coffee bar is little nook in a kitchen for all your hot beverage needs: machines, beans, roasts, mugs, sugar, etc. It allows you to stay organized and keep everything together. Pot and utensil racks can reduce the amount of kitchen gear you keep in drawers and cabinets, while adding design flair and a professional kitchen look to the space.
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