A little bit of organizing can make remodeling your kitchen easier. Your downtime will be much more livable. And your new kitchen will be better organized. It will allow you to function better during  the few days your kitchen is being worked on. Dream Kitchen and Baths is know for it's speed and efficiency during your kitchen remodeling. We will make the remodeling process quick and easy, but there are a few thing we recommend for people who will miss their kitchen during this time and would like to start their new kitchen.

In order to have things you need for quick meals and snacks during the few days your kitchen is being worked on, it's important to box up necessities.  Take a few clear storage containers and pack the items you use every day, like  toaster, coffee maker and microwave. With see through containers you won't have to rummage through boxes. You'll know where everything is before open the box.  It is our suggestion that you make an area in the living room with a small table to hold your microwave, coffee maker and toaster. You can put a clear container underneath with the daily utensils you will need daily.  Use paper plates and plastic utensils for your every day eating for the next couple of days. Plan a few nights to eat at your favorite restaurants for dinner. You can plan some quick breakfasts and take-out lunches.

Next pull everything out of your cabinets. Organize them by category and get rid of all unnecessary items. Anything you use less than quarterly should go in the attic or basement. Make a party box for the occasional party items that you use and plan on cabinet area for those items. Separate cleaning items, spices, baking, general cooking, pots and pans, etc. After getting rid of the items you don't use any more, you can start to plan the cabinet space according to the number of containers for each category. Take all papers like recipes, bills, warranties, receipts etc., and think about storing them digitally on a hard drive. You can even plan on setting up a laptop or tablet in your kitchen for recipes, bills, receipts etc. It will make for a neater and more organized kitchen with no papers lying around. Kitchen spills and paper don't mix.

We will sit down with you and give you some pointers on other ways to organize and plan your kitchen renovation. Give us a call or contact us.