Everyone wants a larger master bathroom. Creating a more open look of feel for you master bathroom is what most people are looking for. Sometimes we can’t create more space but we can make it look more spacious. 
    For a more enhanced look and style, removing the wall between the master bath and bedroom, and replacing it with glass doors and windows, opens up both rooms. Elegant curtains that add color to the room can be pulled down for privacy. 
    Windows to the outside let natural light in, which makes a room feel bigger. Adding a series of small, higher up windows maintains privacy while letting light in. Smaller windows also save more room for shelving or cabinets for storage space below. Skylights in a master bath allow you to maintain privacy while providing a lot of natural light.
    Neutral color schemes bring a combination of calm and openness to a room. Natural wood finishes, browns, and greens keep the neutral flow of the room. Wood vanities or shelving in a bathroom also can add different looks to a room. Darker woods have a more elegant look, whereas lighter woods have a more rustic feel.
    Mirrors can provide functionality while making the room seem larger and brighter. Lining a wall with mirrors highlights the other side of the room. Add paintings or art work there to make the room look more colorful. Keep your privacy while adding a flair of elegance by adding a french style door with mirrors rather than windows.
    Brass or silver fixtures reflect light well and add a touch of color while making the space seem more open. If you expose the pipes under the sink, changing them to silver or brass plating can keep the same effect throughout.
    Go beyond the bathroom. A large window combined with an enclosed courtyard can maintain privacy while making the space feel bigger. Adding plants to the courtyard can bring color and a natural look to your bathroom.
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