Modern villa, interior, beautiful kitchenIn the past, kitchen drawers were only used to store cookware and everyday items. But, today’s modern kitchen can make your drawers more than just useful for simple storage. Dishwashers, heating trays, trash cans, freezers, refrigerators, and other common kitchen utilities can all be found in drawer form today. New styles of drawers can allow you to add more space to your storage, by simply using the space to it’s full potential.

    Hidden dishwashers are literally drawers that contain a built-in dishwasher. Most dishwashers look metallic, and can look out of place in some kitchens. A hidden dishwasher keeps the kitchen looking uniform, without breaking the design of the cabinets. Corner cabinets that have rotating shelves or lazy susans can add more storage space easily; otherwise you could waste the extra storage space. Deep drawers can come in hand for pots and pans, but also big bowls or serving plates. They give the kitchen more room for your cookware, while they are more sturdy than a big, pull-out shelf when dealing with heavy pots. Warming drawers are a detached and hidden version of a warming tray. Traditional warming trays were attached to a kitchen range. With the new trend of keeping the stove and oven separate, a new spot was needed for the detached tray. A warming drawer keeps the tray out of the way, while keeping your drawers neat and organized. Trash cans and recycling bins are unattractive, and can get pretty smelly. Trash drawers keep your garbage out of sight (and smell), by tucking them under the counter. Drawers can also take the place or add to a refrigerator. Insulated drawers that work like a freezer or refrigerator can increase the amount of food storage space you have, without needing to buy a larger, more expensive fridge. Many cabinets today sport doors with glass windows. These little panes let you see what is in each cabinet, while giving off the illusion of added space in the room itself.

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