Wood has been making a surprising comeback in bathroom design for cabinets, vanities, and shelving. While wood comes in all colors because of paint, we’ll go through common wall colors that look amazing when paired with naturally colored wood. Natural wood in a bathroom adds richness and coolness to a space, while remaining a neutral color, for the most part. Dark red woods are more to the warmer side of the color scale, while lighter woods are cooler.
    Dark red woods, such as Mahogany and Cherry, pair very well with wall colors that are lighter than the wood. Light tans and beige pair well with this wood because it provides contrast, while drawing your eyes to the darker wood in the room. 
Dark brown woods, like Espresso or Walnut, pair well with dark greens or deep reds to compliment the wall color. The red makes the room feel warmer, but the more neutral green will feel cooler. Gold wall paint can create a more elegant look in a bathroom, and the dark woods highlight the pop of the wall hue.
    Lightly colored woods, such as Golden Oak or Maple, can provide a good amount of soft color to a space. In a child’s bathroom, light woods paired with light blues create a fun, inviting atmosphere. Light woods pair nicely with soft greens, like seafoam or pea green. 
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