Natural light is important in any room of your home. It makes the space feel larger, opens up the room, can save on electricity costs during the day, and (if the window opens) cool off your home without the use of the A/C. But in the bathroom, it is important to find a balance of natural lighting and privacy. You shouldn’t have to compromise one for the other. 
    The first place to look for natural lighting is the windows that are already in the room. Should they be bigger, smaller, or stay the same? Do they open? Windows in a bathroom are often slightly frosted or mosaic to provide privacy while keeping some of the light coming through. If your bathroom windows are close to a neighbor or overlooking the street, you will probably want to keep them small. If not, you may be able to go a bit bigger without losing privacy. 
Frosting the windows or adding a design can add elegance while keeping the room private. There are plenty of design options to choose from for a more custom look to the glass.
If your bathroom is on the top floor of the home, creating a skylight can be a unique way to provide light and not have to worry about privacy as much. Skylights that open can provide a vent to more easily get rid of all of the steam after a hot shower. Your wall space is often taken up by cabinets, shelves, mirrors, or towel racks; but a skylight doesn’t detract from that space to provide light. 
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