A modern bathroom is more than just style. Openness, safety, efficiency, and geometric shapes define the new style of modern bathroom fixtures and design. Open design makes the space feel bigger and more spacious. Safety features, especially near the the shower, are becoming more popular. Energy and water efficient fixtures in the bathroom is becoming more prominent as going green is becoming more important. Geometric shapes provide a more contemporary feel and help define spaces. 
    Homeowners are embracing open styles in bathrooms more and more. This open design comes in a few different ways. The simplest and easiest way to implement this into your bathroom is the use of open shelving. This adds color easily via the various items on the shelves; while the lack of cabinetry reduces the space taken up on the walls. Even vanities are moving towards a more open design with shelving.
Glass doors on showers create more depth in a bathroom. Curtains close off an entire section of the room. Freestanding tubs are becoming more prominent. A freestanding tub offers a variety of options for installment, whether in the center of the room, near a wall, or angular. Many homeowners are looking to add natural light to a bathroom with skylights. Between the natural light and the view out of the window, a skylight offers a great open feeling, which helps even a smaller bathroom feel more spacious. 
A foggy mirror often makes a bathroom feel smaller after a hot shower. Anti-fog mirrors are a convenient way to remedy this. They make getting ready to go out simpler.
    Safety in a bathroom is not only good for you, but it is stylish as well. Added safety fixtures in a bathroom make life easier for you and your family while adding more to the look of the room and raising the value of the home. Universal design styles, meant to make life easier for the elderly and disabled, are becoming more prominent in homes. They benefit everyone living there, while raising the overall value of the home.
    The main area of focus for bathroom safety is the shower. A curbless shower reduces the risk of tripping when entering or exiting the shower. This also takes away a look of division between the shower and the rest of the room. Shower seats are a great way of making a shower more enjoyable, and safer. A built in shower seat works as shelving in the shower, while giving you a place to sit and relax. It makes cleaning your feet, shaving, and other tasks much easier. Grab bars for the shower are helpful for reducing slips in the shower, and can provide an adequate spot for hanging your washcloth to dry. Lights in the shower are becoming trendier. Shower lights have been out of main bathroom design for a few years, but have been on the rise lately. 
Efficiency and Smart Technology: 
    In a bathroom, efficiency can save you a lot of money in the long run. While there are simple things, like low-flush toilets, there are plenty of other options that not only save money, but to make your bathroom space more enjoyable. 
    Smart showerheads are a great innovation for more than just simply saving water. Bluetooth-enabled showerheads can keep track of how much water you are using, or even play music straight from your phone or tablet. 
    Bathroom floors are often cold, especially during the mornings. By running the water pipes under the tiles, you can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the floors by using the hot water going to your showers. 
    Efficient bathroom faucets reduce the use of water at the sink. The two main types of these faucets are no-touch and metered. No-touch faucets are the motion-sensored fixtures that go on when your hands are under the water, and off as you pull away. A metered faucet is pressed for the water flow, and pours as the faucet slowly retracts to its original position. A metered faucet is a good installation for children’s bathrooms, as it reduces the length of time that the water is running. 
Geometric Shapes:
    A design for a modern bathroom in the last few years has been all about curved edges and square tiles. As we continue onward, the square tiles are still prominent among bathrooms for powerful backsplashes and wall coverings. But the curved edges of your tub or vanity are being replaced with more angular fixtures. Angular design is showing up more and more not just in home decor, but in car design, the fashion industry, and more.
    Square and rectangular shapes in bathroom design often come from the tub. Freestanding or even built in tubs are often ovular; but lately, more rectangular models have been in newer remodels. Square showerheads are also becoming popular. Faucets with angular shapes are a popular nw trend for modern bathroom design. Square decor items in bathrooms are also being bought more frequently, from soap dishes to towel racks.
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