Getting ready for a new bathroom remodel? Want that modern bathroom look? Here are some trendy, new ideas to modernize your bathroom. Most modern bathrooms use earth-tones such as browns, grays, and greens to make the area look warm and inviting. Most new bathrooms have showers without bathtubs. If the room does have a tub, it is usually separate from the shower. Showers without baths also may have a bench seat built in on the wall. Modern bathtubs utilize the Jacuzzi function more often than not and can be wider than the traditional tub. Patterns on the walls and floors that are not too overbearing can make a space feel bigger and more comforting. Glass panes are a much more pleasant and and open looking feel as opposed to shower curtains. Baths have wider sides to hold wash products. Shelves built into the walls leave convenient, great looking storage spaces. So whether you want a tub, shower, or both, Dream Kitchen and Bath will help you get an affordable remodel you’ll love, and we’ll get it done quickly.