A new year brings new trends, and why not upgrade what should be the most luxurious room in the house? The newest master bathroom trends offer you even more ways to enjoy your morning routine or afternoon wind-down more than ever.
Freestanding tubs are still a remodeling favorite, and 2015 trends have now upgraded them. A new style with freestanding tubs is to build a ledge around half of the tub, adding a place for soaps and candles, while the semi-inset tub still displays it’s full beauty. This also allows for freestanding tubs to be in smaller bathrooms, where bathing area may be smaller. Bigger shower spaces are becoming more private, while keeping the same sizes. Partial walls are replacing glass panes, keeping the shower space separate while keeping the bathroom from feeling smaller. 
Accent lighting is becoming more advanced in 2015. Vanities usually feature extra lighting for shaving or makeup, but a new trend adds color-changing LEDs to the accents for mood lighting during a nice soak in the tub or a morning shower. Additionally, elegant chandeliers are making an appearance in modern bathrooms to add elegance to the space.
Bathrooms that resemble living rooms are becoming popular. This may sound odd at first, but the design style utilizes the calm and inviting decor often found in a living room to liven up the room. Wooden vanities with carved legs, area rugs, potted plants, and even Modern master bath with large glass showerloveseats are making their way into the modern bathroom. 
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