To maximize kitchen space and make the room feel more open, here are some things to consider during a remodel. Using a light shade instead of blinds or dark curtains opens up the space and brightens the room while still allowing for privacy. A light colored floor will open up the space. Lighter cabinet colors will make the room seem bigger. Reflective appliances, such as stainless steel, will add reflections like mirrors, adding to the feel of a wider kitchen space. Clutter can make any room appear to be smaller. Put spices and utensils away, and clear the counters for a less cramped feel. Space saving accessories can make the kitchen less cluttered. Adding a Lazy Susan, built-in spice rack, or roll-out trays can add to storage space. Cooler colors on the walls and in the color pattern of the room can give off an illusion of the walls receding back, making the space feel more open. We all know that the color white is the best color to make a kitchen look as large as possible, but it does tend to get boring. Cool colors also allow a kitchen to appear larger and still gives a fresh playful appearance. Soft, cool colors like light greens and muted blues and even light purples work well. If you like hot colors use them as accents. To brighten up the room try working with soft tones like maze, light coffee, off white or almond.  Try to avoid patterns which can make the kitchen appear smaller. Let the color expand into the next room if possible adding to the illusion of size. Try not to paint borders of lines which can restrict and limit the room size. Cutting out part of a wall can make the room feel larger, and can have many benefits. Adding a counter to the opening can add to the amount of available work space. The opening can make serving dinner to a large group easier by passing food through, or acting as a mini-bar for drinks during a party. The opening also allows for the cook to be a part of party conversation while preparations are still being done.