Vessel sinks are making a big splash in 2019! Vessel sinks, also referred to as basin sinks, feature large bowls that sit on top of the vanity. This style adds elegance and style to the vanity, and can be an eye-catching part of the bathroom. Breaking away from more traditional drop-in or undermount style sinks, vessels are installed on top of the vanity itself.

Styles of Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. They are most commonly in round or oval shapes, but they can also be found in square or rectangular models. Glass and ceramic are the most popular materials for sinks of these style; although some manufacturers will craft them out of natural stone, marble, copper, and even exotic woods. Because the vessel is top mounted, you can have more counter space on the vanity than with a more traditional style of sink.

Creating an Elegant Bathroom

A vessel sink brings plenty of style to a bathroom. It adds class to a bathroom in a way similar to that of a chandelier in the dining room. The basin becomes a statement piece, akin to a sculpture. Basin-style sinks are popular for powder rooms and bathrooms that are available to guests when company comes around for this purpose.

Making the Space Feel Larger

Vessel sinks can make a room feel bigger. Since the vanity that utilizes a vessel sink is usually built lower, there is more space between the counter and the ceiling. This helps smaller bathrooms appear more spacious.

Further Remodeling

Vessel Sinks are also good for when you decide to renovate again. Because the only hole required in the vanity is for the drain, you can easily swap out a vessel sink for a new one without the need to create a whole new vanity.


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