In today’s modern world new trends spread fast. This holds true for kitchen trends. Designers and homeowners alike share their new kitchen spaces and get inspired to put in similar features. Home design becomes more fluid with the use of the internet to find exactly what you want in living space. We are going to discuss some trends that are quickly rising in popularity and will most likely be designs to look for in trends for 2017.
    Metal range hoods over stoves are becoming more popular again. Copper, brass and bronze hoods are rising in popularity and are seeing a lot more use. The blend nicely in both modern and rustic kitchen styles. Use of these metals often translates into light pendants and faucets to keep the color scheme more active throughout the entire space. 
    Televisions are becoming a more integral part of kitchens. Rather than having a separate kitchen and living room, many homeowners are deciding to make a more compact and streamlined kitchen space that opens into the rest of the home, rather than being separate. Using half walls or Islands to divide the space and provide functionality, this design style is great for parents who need to keep an eye on the kids while making meals; or for watching tv, while watching the stove.
    Countertops are getting an upgrade in lighting. Lights mounted under cabinets has been a growing trend to minimize the need for sconces that reduce cabinet space, while providing area lighting for working on food prep. The undermount lights can save energy by reducing the need for ceiling lights and having area lighting in the spaces you need it most. This trend has been on the rise for a while but it is seeing a lot of use in 2016.
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