View of a modern kitchen    Kitchen design trends are always evolving. New innovations in design allow you to have a beautiful kitchen with everything you want for the space you have. More storage, hands-free options, and tech-friendly trends bring kitchens to their full potential. 
    Whites, grey, and neutral colors continue to be heavily used in modern kitchen designs. While black is being used less, earthy tones such as dark browns and deep greens are still prominent in newer kitchen trends. 
    Designing your space for extra storage has become more and more common. Most modern kitchens try to fit cabinet space wherever possible. Toe-kick drawers allow for a hands-free storage option that is low to the ground, using more of the lower cabinetry that could otherwise go unused. pull-out shelving gives you ease of access to the back area of the cabinets with more organization. Horizontal cabinets are becoming a more used option in modern kitchens. This style looks more sleek and gives you more shelving options rather than stacking your kitchenware higher. Horizontal cabinets are longer in length than in height, creating a horizontal look that makes a kitchen seem bigger and more spacious. 
    Technology in the kitchen has been becoming more useful – whether you read recipes off of your tablet, watch TV as you cook, or even just charge your phone in there. Many homeowners are looking to improve their kitchens by making their technology easier to use. Tablet holders and charging stations are being built-in to more kitchens. These give you better access to your tech in the kitchen, to stay connected. 
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