With a little less than 2 months until 2017, it’s time to see what the new year has in store for kitchen trends. These new trends for 2017 include classy style and ditching the cold look of stainless steel. 
    Stainless Steel appliances are on a downtrend. Many homeowners are opting for the style hiding fixtures like the dishwasher within the lower cabinets, while more prominent appliances such as the stove and refrigerator are getting a makeover. Homeowners are often choosing dual-colored appliances with a main, neutral color and an accent that pops; like chrome, gold, or copper. This trend adds a high-end feel to the room while removing the industrial feel of stainless steel models.
    Wood panelling is coming back to the kitchen. These panels evoke a more rustic, yet family-oriented feel to the kitchen. Many designers feel that this trend harkens back to how a grandmother’s kitchen feels. Using white wooden panels keeps that warm home feel while bringing the design into the modern color trends.
    Speaking of wood in the kitchen, dark wood cabinetry is on the decline. Darker colors, other than black, in general are seen less and less in new kitchens. Most designs are going to brighter and cleaner designs with lighter colors. Darker browns are being overtaken by lighter tans and smoother beiges. 
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