Kitchens can easily look messy or cluttered with small appliances, cooking utensils, pots and pans, and other kitchen necessities. Keep your kitchen organized by creating a space for all of these items can look out of place when left out on your countertops.


The installation of an appliance garage, a small compartment with a sliding door, is the perfect solution for keeping small appliances out of sight. You can easily hide toaster oven, blender, food processor, or other small appliance inside the garage and take it out for use. Your kitchen countertops won’t look cluttered if your appliances stay hidden.


Adding a coffee bar to your kitchen can also solve countertop clutter problems. A coffee bar is a small nook in the kitchen for all coffee necessities, such as your coffee machines, mugs, beans, etc. All of your coffee supplies will stay neat and organized on your coffee bar, away from the rest of the countertop area, to avoid a cluttered look.


A common problem for small kitchens is a lack of storage. Sometimes you can never have enough cabinet space. Pots and pans take up a lot of room in kitchen cabinets. In order to store other items in your cabinets, you may consider adding your pots and pans to your design. Installing a rack for your pots or utensils, you can automatically get more cabinet space while adding a modern and professional look to your kitchen.

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