Choosing a floor material and design for kitchen remodel can be a daunting task, but choosing the right floor can be enjoyed for years to come. The most popular kitchen floors in American kitchens are hardwood and tile, accounting for over 80% of kitchens combined. However, the rest of the flooring materials should not be overlooked simply because the majority use hardwood or tile. Linoleum, vinyl, and bamboo flooring are good options that you should consider for your home.
    Linoleum flooring is is a strong flooring option that is made to withstand the work of a kitchen. Laid in sheets, linoleum is fairly easy to install and lock in with each other without borders. Linoleum is strong enough to withstand the work of a kitchen. It is heat and spill-resistant, and lasts well under the daily foot traffic of kitchen work. The flooring is softer on the feet than tile or hardwood, and makes it easier to work on your feet longer in the kitchen. The antibacterial and antistatic nature of the linoleum makes it easy to clean and less likely for dust to settle on it. Linoleum comes in thousands of colors, patterns, designs; even mimicking the look of other flooring options.
    Vinyl is very similar to linoleum in its color and design availability. Strong like linoleum and scratch resistant, this is good flooring for homes with children or pets. Some vinyl options are created with a textured layer, to recreate the look and feel of other flooring options. Vinyl is often considered to feel warmer to the feet on cold mornings than tile or wood. Some types of Vinyl have antibacterial coating to prevent the accumulation of microorganisms, mold, and mildew. 
    Bamboo is a rich and beautiful flooring. Softer than hardwood, and pretty durable; bamboo can be a great alternative to a more common wood style. Bamboo is grown quickly and is a more eco-friendly option than most other flooring choices. When bamboo is harvested, the base of the plant is still in tact, and the plant continues to grow. Bamboo is harvested after about 6 years, as opposed to 60 for most timber trees. Most bamboo floors use a solvent-free, water-based finish that reduces the amount of chemicals in your home and creating a better air quality in the home. While durable, bamboo can scratch more easily than vinyl or linoleum, so keep your pet’s nails trimmed to prevent damage.
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