Cooking is a great way to teach children a variety of important lessons for life. Independence and tradition are important life lessons to pass on to your kids, and cooking is a great way to teach both. When designing your new kitchen, there are a few ways you can design your dream kitchen to accommodate both you and your children as they learn to cook.
    Blackboards are a good way to provide a fun and practical backsplash. Use chalk to write recipe instructions, or let the kids have fun doodling. Blackboard backsplashes and cabinet doors are great for families because they provide a fun way for the kids to practice drawing and enjoy the space.
    Dual-height countertops create a multi-tier look to the kitchen, practically. This gives your little helpers a work space at a more appropriate level for them, without making all of the counter space too low for you. The lower tier is also called a baker’s height countertop
    Quartz and laminate are great options for the countertops of a kid-friendly kitchen. Both can take some wear, and won’t stain as easily as many of the other options. Quartz comes in a variety of color options. Laminate comes in all kinds of designs, including ones that are meant to look like other materials; like wood, tile, or granite. Laminate isn’t as durable as quartz, but both should hold up well. Flooring such as porcelain tiles or laminate that are durable and easy to clean are idea for a child-friendly kitchen. 
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