The color of your kitchen walls can be just as important as the size of your new fridge, or the height of the shelves. The right color can bring the whole space together. Knowing the color of your new wall should be a main priority. It shouldn’t clash with other colors in the room; from the backsplash, countertops, cabinets, or even the dishes. An aesthetically pleasing kitchen can make all the difference.
    White is a common color for modern kitchens. It looks clean and fresh; and less lighting is needed. Countertops and backsplashes can be more colorful with a white wall color; but black also pairs excellently with it. White walls create a more positive and uplifting feeling to a room. 
    Gray is becoming more popular in kitchens. While often seen as too cold for a kitchen space; the right lighting and shade can change that. 
    Red and orange shades are great for kitchens if employed well. Warmer colors like red and orange can make you feel hungrier. There is a wide variety of shades that work well in a kitchen space. Red shades will often blend well with tans and other earth tones. Orange will meld cleanly in spaces that utilize dark woods or stainless steel.
    Blue can be a powerful color for kitchens. Blue hues can be calming; but if overused they can be overwhelming. Lighter blues can be eye-catching and beautiful, and it blends nicely with white or steel. Darker blue colors require whites and neutral tones to prevent the color from overpowering the space. Gray and dark blue can look smooth and soothing.
    Yellow kitchens can look great with the right shade and lighting. Unfortunately, some shades can make a room look dingy. It can evoke hunger like red, and can be calming like blue. Yellow is great for smaller kitchens, as it makes the space feel more open. Yellow pairs well with white and lighter grays.
    Green can pair well with earth tones and wood accents. Lighter greens should be paired with lighter wood colors, like oak or bamboo. Darker greens are great when combined with tan colors and dark grays. 
    Whatever color kitchen you want, Dream Kitchen and Baths will work to create the Kitchen of your dreams. We do everything for your kitchen, from painting and flooring, to countertops and cabinets. To discuss bathroom or kitchen remodeling options that would be best for your home please contact us at (718) 273-6233 or visit our showroom at 711 Port Richmond Ave., Staten Island, NY 10302.