Technology is always advancing, to make our lives easier both inside and away from home. One of the last places we look for new technologies is the bathroom. A toilet is just a toilet, right? What innovations can truly be found in the shower? It turns out, there are a lot of new and unique changes in our bathroom that can make your bathroom remodel into a true upgrade.


    Sink innovations look to reduce the spread of germs and reduce water waste. The most common example of this is the touchless sink. Motion sensor sinks reduce the likelihood of germ transmission, while only running the water while your hands are near the sensor. Unlike the models seen in public places, home motion sensor sinks often have temperature controls as well as a standard control for the water.


    High tech toilets are in a league of their own. While some of the higher end models have a wide variety of features and functions, we will explore some of the most common examples of these innovations.
    Heated toilet seats are the most common upgrade to the home toilet. It makes it more comfortable on cold mornings or in the winter to sit on the toilet. This is also common because the upgrade is often on of the least expensive choices.
    Bidets have been popular in Asia and, more recently, Europe because it is more hygenic, and more eco-friendly. There is no need to worry about toilet paper with a bidet. Bidets are also better for septic tanks, which can otherwise have a build up of paper in them.  
    Touchless toilets are great for reducing germ build up on the flushing valve or button. A relatively inexpensive upgrade, this is a good option for children or the elderly, who may forget to flush otherwise. Additionally, there are motion sensor upgrades for toilets that can raise/lower the seat, or even close the lid. 
    Some toilets have self cleaning options. While the technology is not perfect, a self cleaning toilet will be much cleaner than a standard model.

Spa Upgrades

    A bathroom should be a place of relaxation. These upgrades can help provide a spa-like atmosphere and enhance your experience in the bathroom.
    Rainfall shower heads are often noted as the most relaxing shower-style. Rainfall shower heads require less water pressure, letting gravity do all the work. 
    Aromatherapy is becoming more popular in the US, and especially in the bathroom. A relaxing and stimulating aromatherapy scent can be the perfect upgrade to your bathroom space. Many shower heads and toilets on the market now have diffusers built in. 
    Refrigeration in the bathroom may sound odd, but adding a drawer or cabinet with it can be a huge upgrade to keep your wine cool for your evening soak in the tub. Along the same lines, many homeowners are opting to install bathroom TVs, waterproof models that are meant to withstand the steam of the shower or the occasional splash.

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