The kitchen of the future is here! Not only is technology influencing what we’re making, it’s also influencing how and where we make it. These advancements in technology are affecting our everyday lives, and considering the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s no surprise that smart- kitchens are making their debut. Here are some of the top- rated high tech kitchen appliances we’ve seen so far:

  • LG InstaView ThinQ– With Amazon’s Alexa built into it, this smart fridge is able to read out recipes and enables you to add items onto your grocery list . The fridge has a built in 29 inch screen on the front. 
  • Smarter WiFi Coffee Machine– This coffee machine can be remotely activated to your smartphone, send you notifications when your coffee is ready, and even detect when you’ve returned home to ask if you want a fresh cup. In addition, this coffee maker also provides a built- in grinder. 
  • Samsung Slide-In Induction Chef Collection Range Oven– This oven provides virtual LED flames onto your pot, so you’ll always know when the burner is on. The oven also provides a “Flex-Duo Oven,” which means you can cook two separate dishes at completely different temperatures.