Your bathroom should be a place of privacy and relaxation. The Chinese art of Feng Shui in a bathroom is relatively new; as it wasn’t deemed necessary for outhouses or bathrooms in the past. In the modern world, we want our bathrooms for “me time,” and a spa-like feel is a great way to achieve this. Feng Shui is the use of home design to allow positive energy, chi, to flow throughout the home evenly and effectively. These tips for your remodel can help create a better flow of positivity into your bathroom. 
    Don’t let the toilet be the first thing you see when you open the door. A toilet hidden from first view gives more privacy. Most toilets are not aesthetically pleasing simply because of what we use them for. The connotation of toilets in our minds is a negative one. Along with this, closing the lid of the toilet prevents chi from flowing out of the drains.
    Dimmer switches can develop ambiance in the bathroom. Keep the lights bright for the morning routine, and dimmer for the afternoon wind-down. Your bathroom can be your spa, so create a feeling of serenity with ambient lights on dimmers.
    Add an Earth element to your bathroom. Earth tones make the room feel cozier and can balance the room’s overwhelming water feel. Mirrors and the your plumbing direct the room towards the water element for obvious reasons. 
Balancing the elements of Feng Shui can better create a serene place of relaxation. Plants that stand up well to a bathroom’s humidity should be added to the room, adding the wood element. Contrasting the earthtones with whites can bring in the element of metal. Accent lighting and increased natural light allow you incorporate the fire element.
Crystals in a bathroom direct energy flow to them, rather than out of your bathroom drains. Crystal chandeliers direct energy flow upward and around the room. This can add beauty and harmony to the space.
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