Designing your kitchen can evolve into something inspiring when you incorporate the Chinese style of Feng Shui. The kitchen is part of the Feng Shui Trinity; the three rooms in the home that should be the focal points of energy flow in your home. A well-organized, harmonious kitchen can help you feel more energized when cooking and eating. A Feng Shui design makes a room feel cleaner, balanced, and more natural.
    A Feng Shui kitchen should start off with lighting. Accent and area lights make a room bright and welcoming; while providing functionality. Extra lighting is always important in a kitchen.
    Keep the look clean and simple. Keep clutter out of the kitchen. Create cabinet spaces to store smaller appliances such as the toaster or blender out of sight. Organization in the cabinets helps reduce clutter and is extremely helpful for everyday kitchen work. 
    Fresh is an important aspect of a Feng Shui kitchen. Potted plants by the window, fresh fruit bowls, and the like can add color and vibrancy to the room. A potted plant or vase in the center of the island or the table also looks nice.
    Colors play a big role in the Feng Shui. Earth tones on the flooring evoke a natural and grounded feeling to the room. It helps tie the space together. White flooring is calming and is less likely to draw the eyes downward. Light will bounce off of a white floor, making the room brighter. As for the rest of the room, there are a number of design choices. Figuring out which one suits your needs best can be important.
There are many color options for this type of design. A buttery yellow color promotes digestion and happiness in the kitchen. Soft grey shades are warm and soft; nurturing. It creates a smooth and welcoming space when paired with natural wood. Sky blue works great in a kitchen while it is matched with a soft, neutral, brown. The two colors balance each other out and create a calm and cool space. Red and white go well together, creating bright and energetic pops of color. White makes the room seem fresh and clean, while the red is the color of passion and excitement.
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