mother and daughter in kitchen making cookies.Cooking is mainly done by the parents, but kids like the kitchen too. Children need to learn how to cook as they grow, and a family-friendly kitchen can be a space where it is easier for them to explore the space.
    A few low cabinets and cubbies can be installed for easily accessible toys or books for the kids. High bar areas are not ideal for a family-friendly kitchen, but a table or island can keep your child at a lower height than a bar stool while giving them a place in the room. Multi-tier countertops allow you and your child to work together in the kitchen, while they are smaller in height. Quartz is recommended for the countertops, due to it’s stain resistance and durability. Slip-resistant flooring should be installed as well. Tiles that are slip-resistant are generally hard to stain, so they can be great for a kitchen full of messy kids. Have the countertop edges rounded to prevent injuries. Refrigerator drawers for storing milk or yogurt can give children the ability to make their own breakfast in the morning. Fire extinguishers should always be in the kitchen, but with increased child activity it should be even more easily accessible. 
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